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Songwize simplifies the administration of music for digital service providers and publishers with the power of ASCAP.


From invoicing and reporting to standard business intelligence and data analytics, Songwize offers a full spectrum of out-of-the-box solutions for your digital audio performances.


Songwize provides leading end-to-end royalty processing, performance matching and payment solutions for public performance rights in the United States. For four years, Songwize clients have grown to include both major and independent music publishers.

In 2016, Songwize administered a 121% increase in performances year over year across Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Pandora, and YouTube. Songwize leverages the scale and efficiency of ASCAP data; its award-winning enterprise performance management platform; its secure web-based performance rights application; and ASCAP’s proven track record of accurate data processing and on-time payments.

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